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Lighthouse Beacon Show: New Name/New Show, and More! Episode 1!
February 05, 2017 06:24 PM PST
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Dear Listeners,

On this first episode of the newly named Lighthouse Beacon, we'll get into why we've said goodbye to "The Team Robin Podcast!"

We will talk about three children I helped raise and where they are now.

We will talk about how annoying my dog is.

We will discuss our collective and individual fates.

I'll talk about why I'm so a-political, and why the only way to look at your fellow Man is as an individual, and not as a subjugated statistic.

I hope you enjoy the show.


Robin S Voyage

P.S. Music by Elastica
The War on Drugs

Team Robin Podcast: MLK Day Special: Inauguration Anarchists, Lazy Drivers, Why Children Should Do Chores, and More
January 16, 2017 12:23 PM PST
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MLK Day Special:

Subversives are set to disrupt the week of the presidential inauguration in America, we'll delve into that and why it's anti-American.

Americans are getting lazy, and it's our fault for not making our childrens' chores mandatory.

The APU on the truck is still broken.

The weather forecasters have been doing a pitiful job lately.

Music by Jem.


Team Robin Podcast: Am I The Black Sheep Again? / Fake News & How it Influences the Petty
January 08, 2017 02:06 PM PST
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Team Robin Podcast 01/08/17
Black Sheep

While on my 34 hour reset in Guthrie, Oklahoma, I've come to the conclusion that I may in fact be the black sheep of the family again. The problem is, nobody will be honest with me. I have three theories as to why. My brother Brett lives here, but never wants to see me, and I'm wondering if his limited communication on Facebook is simply a matter of being polite. I'm a straight shooter and would like to be told what the situation really is. I've confronted him with this before, but he has denied it, but it's still an enigma.

We also delve into the fact that "Fake News" is in the news, and how it influences many people I know who simply are controlled by their petty political leanings, rather than their common sense.

I talk about the encounter I had off the coast of Hawaii with a humpback whale aboard my sailboat SV Luana of Honolulu.

It's a dark podcast, but I needed to vent. Enjoy.

Music by Depeche Mode and Steely Dan.


Robin S Voyage

Team Robin Podcast: The Evil Administrator
December 01, 2016 09:39 PM PST
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My father in law became a ward of the state after a fall, head injury, and stroke. He was lost to the world and his family for over two years. The police suspected he was dead. The state of Arizona hid him away in a care facility in Mesa, Arizona, it was discovered two months ago!

I visited him and was forced to leave while doing my appraisal. The state is making it impossible for us to know his wishes.

Brian and Danielle Call join me to discuss this and other topics on a very special show from Arizona!

#dotage #carehome #wardofthestate #richardjim #arizona #elderabuse #abuse

Team Robin Podcast: Election 2016 Special
November 08, 2016 06:21 PM PST
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Guests: Ben Moseley and Darron Lawrence.

On Tonight's BIGLY show, Ben and Darron join me by phone from Ohio and California to discuss why they voted for Donald Trump, and to challenge the the fact that I didn't vote.

I of course didn't vote because I don't believe a word out of Trump's mouth, and I don't support Clinton because I don't agree with a word out of her mouth and that she is a Corrupt progressive. I didn't want to attach my name to a compromise of my own ethics.

SO it's a great debate and discussion. Immigration, Racism, Genocide, and abortion are all topics we get into.

#teamrobinpodcast #trump #clinton #election2016 #podomatic #immigration #nonpartisan #TRP #robinsvoyage #gunslinger #benmoseley #darronlawrence

TRP: Angriest Episode EVER! Followed by Saddness
October 23, 2016 04:05 PM PDT
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On this very, very, very, very, VERY dark episode of the Team Robin Podcast, I talk about how angry I am at everything right now. People are called out.

Then we get into some Mundane business such as the election.

Then I tell you the actual detailed account of the death of my father.

Then I am very sad and explain how I'm sorry if you're angry at me, and how much I love you, my friends, and care about you very much.

Be warned. Foul language.

TRP: Hurricane Matthew Special: Guest James Nokes; Hurricane SNAFU, Trucking Issues, OpieRadio, and Much More
October 06, 2016 06:15 PM PDT
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On Tonight's Episode:
Hurricane Matthew Special:
I've stopped short of my destination in South Carolina as a powerful hurricane has caused the evacuation of coastal communities.

James Nokes, veteran of Desert Storm joins us for the last hour and a half of the show and is a blast. We discuss trucking and his experiences in Germany and Saudi Arabia while in the service.

I also delve into poor support from Podomatic, my web host.

We also feature Rick Astley's new hit song "Angels on my Side" and we conclude with Subdivisions by Rush for James.

It's a two hour special podcast!
Thank you for downloading and listening!

#hurricanematthew #hurricane #TRP #TeamRobinPodcast #RobinScottJohnson #RobinSVoyage #jamesnokes #desertstorm #podomatic #opieradio

Team Robin Podcast: Racism, Politics, Scotch, Guns, Corrine, and Imbibing Too Much!
March 31, 2016 12:39 AM PDT
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Business owner Daniel joins me again for the best episode to date of the Team Robin Podcast. We dive into racism, politics, and guns while drinking a plethora of spirits! Corrine Jim also joins the programme to discuss racial issues from the perspective of the American Indian community.